What is the educational value of Twitter?

In light of the conversation between BOE member Patrick Escalante and D41 Director of Technology, Mike Wood on weather or not Twitter is blocked by the District, we looked into the educational value of Twitter in the classroom. This article, albeit old in technological terms, gives some examples of its use in the classroom. In general, it seems more useful for high school students at this time. District 41 teachers probably need more professional development if they wanted to incorporate into the classroom. However, the recent incident at Forest Glen also seems like a chance for the District and the Technology team to really get into the 21st Century themselves.

Newspapers in Education Teacher Forum

whole apple Education Week: Twitter Lessons in 140 Characters or Less

What is the potential use of Twitter in the classroom? The above article in Education Week has some interesting ideas:

One teacher in Georgia has more than 10,000 followers on the social media Web site. This teacher uses the Web site to share resources and suggestions about educational technology.

Some teachers are even using Twitter to communicate with their own students.

A teacher at a private high school in Virginia uses Twitter as a way to host debates. Students have the option of either replying to a tweeted topic with relevent information and sources  or writing a physical essay for homework.

“These students are not always sure about how to use the Internet to find and filter information, so this is forcing them to do that,” said Lucas Ames, who requires students to submit only school-related tweets. “It’s getting kids who aren’t necessarily engaged in class engaged in some…

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