Spring 2014 Survey

The district sent a link to a survey created by the company School Perceptions to all staff, parents, and students in 4th through 8th grade.

The intent of this survey was to gather feedback on the performance of the specialization and multiage initiatives amongst the stakeholders. The survey results, presented to the BOE on April 14, 2014, were inherently flawed. One of the major issues is the fact that those results did not break down information gathered from the teachers by level. It was only repeated emails to the administration where we were able to obtain these two slides that were omitted from the board presentation.

If you have trouble viewing the two slide chart, you may download a copy of it or view it in full-screen mode on Scribd.com.


It is easy to make the assumption that the administration supports multiage of Level 2 from looking at this chart. However, it is clear that the teachers in Level 2 and Level 3 – the ones most affected by the change – do not share those same opinions.

The full survey results as they were presented to the BOE on April 14 are posted on this page of the D41 site. This does not include the comments that were written by parents and staff which were not released until April 28-the comments are no longer available on the district’s redesigned website.